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  • Challenge Question #2

    mes (mes@yosemite.net)
    Thu, 27 Feb 1997 15:40:19 -0800

    Dear Journey North,
    This is Mrs. Uebner's 5th grade students at Mariposa Elementary
    School, near Yosemite California, answering back about Challenge
    question #2. Here's how we got the translation. One group got it from
    their mom. The same group also used a Spanish - English dictionary to
    translate the words. The second group guessed
    what some of the words were. The third group asked a friends grandma.
    The fourth group asked Mrs. Gibbons (our aid) what the words were. The
    fifth group asked their brother that's in Spanish class. The last but
    not least is the sixth group asked people on their bus.
    This is the translation that the our class came up with:
    Don't make fires next to them.
    Don't kill them.
    Don't cut down trees.
    Don't scare them when they are drinking water.
    Don't make noises.