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  • Challenge Question #1

    User Name (userid@oak.kcsd.k12.pa.us)
    Tue, 25 Feb 97 13:11:09 -0500

    Clallenge Question #1

    "How many factors can you list that make life difficult for the
    people of Cerro Chincua? Do you think these factors will make
    conservation of the monarch reserve difficult? If so, please
    explain how."

    1.Poor living conditions
    2.Poor food
    3.No work
    4.Late or early rains
    5.Large families
    6.Unclean water
    8.No money
    9.Large alcholholism problems
    10.Unhealthy livestock
    11.Polluted water

    I think yes because if the people are unhealthy, they cannot
    work and if they are drunk they cannot work.If they are so
    intent on survival and getting rid of all their problems, then
    they won't really care about the butterflies. On the other
    hand, the reserve will create jobs in the community which will
    help eliminate some of their problems.

    My name is Marisa McCollough and I am 12 years old. I live in
    a small town in central Pennsylvania. I have no pets but I have
    a little brother who fills the spot just fine!

    Marisa McCollough
    Ms. Heilman
    5th period 7th grade