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    Joe Einertson (Einertson"@forbin.com)
    Mon, 05 May 1997 19:41:52 +0000

    Dear Journey North,

    I hope you will still except our classes Mystery Class list. I was
    out most of last week with a death in the family. Our list is:

    1. Anadyr, Russia 64.47N 177.01E
    2. Barrow, Alaska 71.20N 157.00W
    3. Christchurch, New Zealand 43.30S 172.38E
    4. Fortaleza, Brazil 3.35S 38.31W
    5. Singapore, IN. 1.22N 103.45E
    6. McMurdo Station, Antarctica 78.00S 167.00E
    7. Seattle, Washington 47.36N 122.20W
    8. East London, South Africa 33.02S 27.54E
    9. Budapest, Hungary 47.30N 19.05E
    10. Windhoek, South West Africa 22.05S 17.10E


    Mr. Einertson's 4th Grade Class
    McKinstry Elementary
    Waterloo, Iowa