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Tracking Changes in Photoperiod Around the Globe

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  • Challenge Question #5

    Sue Haines (sehaines@gwi.net)
    Mon, 5 May 1997 20:16:31 -0400 (EDT)

    Class # 1 Anadyr, Russia 180E 65N
    2 Anchorage, Alaska, USA 15W 61N
    3 No guess
    4 no guess
    5 Palembang, Sumatra, Indonesia 105E 3S
    6 McMurdo Base, Ross Island, Antarctica 78 S 168E
    7 Cucluelet, Vancover Island, Canada 44N 120W
    8 Durban or Piertermaritzburg, South Africa 30E 30S
    9 Lukow, Poland 16 E 52N
    10 Windahek, Namibia 20 S 20E

    Mrs. Haines' Class, grade 4, Vassalboro Community School Vassalboro, ME 04989