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Tracking Changes in Photoperiod Around the Globe

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  • Challenge Question#5

    Cheryll Douglas (douglach@cmi.k12.il.us)
    Mon, 5 May 1997 11:21:42 -0500

    Dear Mystery Class,

    We think #1is at 112.75 degrees E & 6.30 degrees N
    in Manitine U.S.,
    #2 is at 176.75 degrees E 64.55 degrees N in Anadyr Russia,#3 is at 175.17
    W 37.47 S in Hamilton Canada,#4 is at 39.29 E 68.03 N in Gremiha Finland,#5
    is at257.5 W 53.25 N in Red Deer Canada,#6 is at 193.25 W 52.5 N Bristol
    Bay U.S., #7 122.75 E 48 N Qiqihar Marchoria,#8 28 W 65.4 N Akurevri
    Iceland,#9 16.75 W 23.42 N Dakhla Morrocco,#10 14.5 W 21.36 N Zug Morrocco.

    Mrs.Douglas's class