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  • Challenge Question #5

    Mon, 5 May 1997 11:35:01 -0400 (EDT)

    Dear Journey North,

    Following are the answers to what we think are the mystery classes. We had
    some trouble with finding the longitude and latitude of a few of them. It's
    been fun though!

    Mystery Class #1:
    a) city: Anadyr
    b) country: Russia
    c) latitude/longitude: N64 45' / E177 29'

    Mystery Class #2:
    a) city: Barrow, Alaska
    b) country: United States
    c) latitude/longitude: N71.3/W156.8

    Mystery Class #3:
    a) city: Christchurch
    b) country: New Zealand
    c) latitude/longitude: S43.00/E172.00

    Mystery Class #4:
    a) city: Fortaleza, Ceara
    b) country: Brazil
    c) latitude/longitude: S3.00/W38.00

    Mystery Class #5:
    a) city: Kunming, Yunnan
    b) country: China
    c) latitude/longitude: N25.5/E102.5

    Mystery Class #6:
    a) city: McMurdo Station (Ross Island)
    b) country: Antarctica
    c) latitude/longitude: S77 30'/E168

    Mystery Class #7:
    a) city: Portland, Oregon
    b) country: United States
    c) latitude/longitude: N45.5/W122.7

    Mystery Class #8:
    a) city: Johannesburg
    b) country: South Africa
    c) latitude/longitude: S26 11'/E28 3'

    Mystery Class #9:
    a) city: Sopron
    b) country: Hungary
    c) latitude/longitude: N47 41'/E16 36'

    Mystery Class #10:
    a) city: Walvis Bay
    b) country: Namibia
    c) latitude/longitude: S22 57'/E14 30'

    Thank you for the great mystery class project. We have learned a lot!!

    Lisha Davis
    6th Grade Science Class
    Lorenzo, Texas