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  • Challenge Question #5

    Ellen Cooch (ecooch@mail.dakota.net)
    Sun, 04 May 1997 19:33:52 -0500

    After much struggling and debate, my students have come up with the
    location of their groups mystery class. At the beginning of the
    project, the students decided which class they wanted to find. There
    were more mystery cities than we had groups so they did not search for
    them all. They also decided that I could not help them so that it would
    really be their discovery. Here goes
    1. no answer
    2. no answer
    3. Westport, New Zealand 41.5S 172.35W
    4. Forteleza, Brazil 4.5S 38.5W
    5. Tokyo, Japan 35N 140E
    6. McMurdo, Antarctica 77S 168.25E
    7. Richmond, British Columbia 50W 123N
    8. Fiza, Zaire 4.18S 28.75E
    9. Pardubice, Czech Republic 50N 16.75E\
    10. no answer
    My registered email address is ecooch@axtellpark.edu
    sometimes the address in my email overall mailbox where all the mail for
    people in my school sits until I pick it up.