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  • Challenge Question #4

    kevin adams (bob1@knet.flemingc.on.ca)
    Sat, 22 Mar 1997 21:52:53 GMT

    Mercury gets in a loon's body becauseof the burning of garbage and coals.
    The acid of the garbage and coal travel up into the sky and clouds. When it
    rains, etc., or the snow melts, this material is in the rain or snow and it
    runs-off into the lakes or rivers, or just goes right into the lake. The
    fish and loons live and swim in these lakes, and the loons eat the fish.
    The loon gets mercury from the water and from the fish in the water.
    Steffanie Armstrong & Shannon Patterson, gr. 5
    Bobcaygeon Public School
    Bobcaygeon, Ontario
    44.536 N, 78.544 W