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  • Loon Challenge Question #4

    St. Mary's (stmarysa@rea-alp.com)
    Thu, 20 Mar 1997 12:13:51 +0000

    Dear Loon Researchers,
    Our class of 6th graders from St. Mary's School in Alexandria Mn came
    up with the following guesses about how mercury gets into a loon's body.
    First we thought that maybe the mercury gets into the water from the
    rain. The fish get the mercury in them and then the loons eat the fish
    and that poisons them. Then we guess that when they clean off their
    feathers, maybe they got some on their feathers and then it gets in
    their mouths. One other way they could get them we guess is that it
    could get on their skin when they are changing feathers, because maybe
    at that time their feathers aren't water proof and their skin could be
    affected. Our last guess is that the noise polution from boats might
    have causes the loons to move to another location and before they moved
    they got the mercury in their systems because of the polution of the
    water from the boats.