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  • Challenge Question #3

    Linda Thurber (lthurfer@pop.k12.vt.us)
    Tue, 18 Mar 1997 18:05:27 -0500

    First graders Matt, Peter, Jenny, Heather and Kody from Ferrisburgh Central
    School were quite anxious to tell why they think that their lives depend of
    leaves. First, they told me that in order to live they needed food, fire,
    air and shelter. They also needed water. However, they knew that trees and
    bushes have to have leaves to grow. If a tree or bush does grow, some
    provide food, like berries, tea leaves, apples, oranges and maple syrup.
    Also, they provide the cacoa bean which is needed for chocolate. Trees can
    be used for fuel which would give fire for warmth. The tree leaves help
    clean the air and with trees, they could build a house which would give
    them shelter.
    Ferrisburgh Central School, Ferrisburgh, VT