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  • Challenge the Expert

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    Fri, 04 Apr 97 12:52:48 -0500

    Challenge the Expert Question#1
    How do Whales breathe while they are sleeping, and do they stay underwater
    while they are sleeping?

    Scientists believe that whales sleep with only half their brain. In
    other words, while half their brain is shutdown, the other half stays awake
    to monitor their breathing. They sleep at/or just below the surface and
    breathe at the surface every few minutes. (2 or 3 minutes for larger whales)

    Challenge the Expert Question#2
    How much blood is estimated to be in a Humpback Whale?

    About 400-450 gallons of blood are estimated to be in a Humpback Whales

    Challenge the Expert Question#3
    How big is a Humpback Whales heart estimated to be?

    The Adult Humpback's heart is estimated to be about 6 feet wide.

    --Ashley Hawkins
    Ms. Heilman's
    5th period
    7th grade