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  • Challenge Question #3

    St. Mary's (
    Thu, 20 Mar 1997 12:24:23 +0000

    Dear Journey North Whale researchers. WE are a group of fifth grade
    students from St. Mary's school in Alexandria MN. We have been studying
    the ocean all year and we really liked studying the whales. Our e-mail
    address is Our Teacher for science is Mrs.
    Kostreba. We would like to tell you our guesses for Challenge question
    #3. First we would like to know what high-spotting is please. We think
    the humpbacks jump because they are playing and are happy. Some of us
    think maybe they are showing off to attract a mate. Could it be that
    they are teaching their calves how to avoid predators? Or could it be
    that this is one way that they communicate? Could it be because they
    have those fish that such onto them and if they hit the water hard
    enough they fall off? These are our guesses. Thanks!