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  • Challenge Question #9

    Barbara McManus (
    Tue, 29 Apr 1997 14:35:02 -0400

    Dear Journey North,

    I know it is true that heat rises. My evidence is relativley
    simple. I swim in Sheep's Pond in Brewster, MA in the summer. If you are
    swimming near the surface, and then dive down, you run into a wall of cold
    water about four feet down. The farther down you get, the colder it is.
    That is my every day evidence.

    Extra Credit Experiment: One way to show that warm water rises is this.

    MATERIALS: 1 clear container
    2 cups of water (One cold, one hot)
    2 different bottles of food coloring

    EXPERIMENT: You put a different color of food coloring in each cup. Then
    you pour both the warm and cold water into the dish thing very quickly. If
    you watch closely, you should see the color of the warm water near the top.