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  • Challenge Question #1

    Lisa McGinley (
    Fri, 07 Feb 1997 14:04:56 -0500

    Dear Robert Mulders,
    This is Chris and Andrew from Mrs. McGinley's class. Chris and I both
    think that we found the question to the first problem about the weather
    and the photo period. We think that the temerature is about -12 degrees
    to - 10 degrees and he should be somewhere around Yellowknife. The
    photo period is around 2 hours a day, our photo period is about 11 hours
    per day at Maryville, TN. It is south of the city of Knoxville and is north of
    the city of Chattonooga. We found this information that was on a Web
    Site on Netscape Navigator on a weather map of Canada. The 6 caribou
    must be traveling pretty close together and must be doing very good. It
    seems like caribou collar #6977 and caribou #3924 are pretty close
    together and are experincing the same weather conditions. Please get
    back to us pretty soon.

    Andrew Baumann, and Chris Gowan