challenge question #1

Mrs. Angela Knight (
Fri, 7 Mar 1997 16:23:38 -0500

What is sonar?

The following are responses from Mrs. Knight's sixth grade science students
at Franfort Middle School:

Megan Cox:
I think sonar is a vibration that an animal sends out. It bounces
off the animal then it goes back to the animal that sent it out. It tells
how big things are. It could tell if it was in danger so it could get away.

Twilla Stillwell:
Sonar is a really high pitched noise that we can't hear.

Joseph Martin:
It is a signal that bats send out to help find food.

Ross Ford:
Sonar helps bast so they do not run in to each other when it is dark

Joel Tatum:
Sonar is what bats use to find their food. It is a sound wave that
goes out and bounces off of things and comes back to the bat.

Chris Mosson:
Sonar is echolocation. Bats use it to find insects. They give off
a high pitched sound and it echoes off things back to their ears.

Robert Burrows:
Sonar is what bats use to see better in the dark. The bats that
have it have special ears. They make a high pitched screech that we can't
hear and it bounces off of things and comes back to their ears. They can
tell how far away an object is by how long it takes to get back. They use
this to navigate while they're flying and also to hunt. This can also be
called echolocation. So if we were next to a group of bats and we had
better ears, we would probably be holding our own ears.

Tabitha Walters:
It is something bats use to find food and to find where they're
going or they're about to run in to something that's really hard.

Ryan McDonald:
Sonar is like echolocation. You make a noise and it comes back when
it's hit the animal. Then the bat knows where to go.

Greg Jacks:
A sonar is a signal, so high-pitched we can't hear, that travels
till it bounces off something and it calculates how long it takes to come
back. So, they know how close to the object they are. Only microbats use
"sonar." It takes microbats' big ears and most of the time a leaf nose to
hear and make these sounds.

Jamin Mink:
Sonar is a high pitched sound wave that lets bats find food.

Nicholas Taylor:
Sonar is a high pitched sound that bats make and it hits its food
and then comes back to the bat so it knows how far away it is. The sound is
so high pitched that people can't hear it. So by listening to the echoes,
it knows where it's at. The sonar is not only for food. It is also so that
they won't run in to danger.

Yvette Harper:
Sonar is when a bat is looking for food, they send out this little
vibration thing that hits their prey. They time how long it takes for it to
echo back to them.

Michele Montgomery:
Sonar is what bats use to detect where things are such as houses,
buildings, and trees. They use sonar when flying at night, so they won't
run into things.

Angela Wolf:
A sonar is the sound that echoes off of something. Even when they
want food that's what they do.

Andrea Meiers:
Sonar is where the bats can hear each other, but all we think of is
high pitched squalls. Actually it is their way of communicating with each