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WEATHER: What forces affect our weather?
Our Changing Climate
Water Cycle
Powerful Storms
Ice and Snow
Changing Climate

Like the weather, our climate is changing all the time. Some changes come about naturally as a result of global climatic cycles. Others may come about because of human activity such as the burning of fossil fuels.

Much in our lives depends on our climate. At the same time, our actions can have marked effects on our climate. We depend on water stored underground and in lakes and reservoirs for our drinking water and crop irrigation. If the climate warms up for any reason, the ability of the land to store moisture changes.

As we discover more about the processes that drive our climate and weather systems, we also learn more about our role. We can't control natural events, but we can study them. We can strive to understand Earth's complex systems of air, water, and life, and we can learn how our actions fit into the puzzle of weather and climate.

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 "Weather" is inspired by programs from Planet Earth.


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