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WEATHER: What forces affect our weather?
Wind Chill

Why do windy winter days seem so bitterly cold? A winter day with a strong wind can seem much colder than one with only a mild wind, though the air temperature may be exactly the same. The effect that wind has on our perception of cold is called the wind chill factor. The greater the wind speed, the faster we lose body heat. Wind chill can make a fairly moderate winter day equivalent to a much colder one—sometimes dangerously so. For example, a day with a temperature of 30 ° Fahrenheit might seem of little concern, but combined with winds of 10 miles per hour, it can feel like it's only 21° Fahrenheit.

Try it yourself. Calculate the wind chill factor for various combinations of temperature and wind speed using the calculator below.

 photo of windy winter weather
Calculate the wind chill factor

Temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit):

Wind speed (in miles per hour):

  "Weather" is inspired by programs from Planet Earth.

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