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WEATHER: What forces affect our weather?

Try your hand at chasing and identifying storms in the heart of Tornado Alley.

It's late May in Kansas and you're part of a storm-chasing team whose job is to report dangerous weather activity. Use the Storm Spotter's Guidebook to identify each weather feature, then submit your report. When you're done for the day, you can compare your reports with those of professional meteorologists.

The on-the-ground reports of storm chasers, both scientists and hobbyists, can help provide information about where storms are heading and how serious they are. Storm chasers learn to recognize clues that signal conditions under which tornadoes may develop. Certain cloud formations can tell you that tornadoes may occur. Hail or lightning can also mean tornadoes are on the ground...or soon will be. Keep an eye out for important clues, and see if you can identify the warning signs of a tornado. To get started, click on any city on the map above.

 "Weather" is inspired by programs from Planet Earth.

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