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U.S. History Interactive Maps
In this interactive, maps provide an overview of key themes in U.S. history, and are built on a series of bookmarks with markers highlighting events and people that illustrate the theme, along with map layers that provide additional information. Educators and students can customize maps by adding bookmarks, markers, and information and save them as their own.
Use clues about volcanoes to find out where they're located

Using clues about their behavior, history, and appearance, try to locate where on the globe these volcanoes are found. You can use what you know about the different plate boundaries and the types of eruptions that usually occur at them to help you.

To begin, choose one of the case studies below the map on the right. If you want, you can read more about plate boundaries before you begin.


"Volcanoes" is inspired by programs from Earth Revealed,
a video series in the
Annenberg Learner Collection.


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