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Learner Express
Learner Express is a gallery of short video modules distilled from over 350 hours in the Annenberg Learner Collection. The science topics are useful in a STEM-based curriculum, while the math topics align with the Common Core Standards. You can quickly locate 1-5 minute videos to enhance classroom or professional learning. Indexed, annotated, and linked to related resources, Learner Express embodies the best of just-in-time learning.
Use clues about volcanoes to find out where they're located

Using clues about their behavior, history, and appearance, try to locate where on the globe these volcanoes are found. You can use what you know about the different plate boundaries and the types of eruptions that usually occur at them to help you.

To begin, choose one of the case studies below the map on the right. If you want, you can read more about plate boundaries before you begin.


"Volcanoes" is inspired by programs from Earth Revealed,
a video series in the
Annenberg Learner Collection.


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