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What's Your Opinion On Polling?

See how other visitors to the "Statistics" exhibit responded to the poll.

Have you ever been asked to participate in a poll regarding whom you would vote for in an election?
(112701 responses)

Yes: 51.35%
No: 48.65%

Do you think that the results of election polls are usually accurate?
(109100 responses)

Yes: 57.23%
No: 42.77%

Do you think that news reports regarding candidate's and voter polling have an impact on how people vote?
(110825 responses)

Yes: 88.06%
No: 11.94%

Which of these do you consider when choosing who to vote for?
(113871 responses)

Political Affiliation: 62.65%
Gender: 16%
Age: 21.45%
Ethnic Group: 13.38%
Stand on Issues: 87.56%
Number of Years in Politics: 39.88%
Occupation: 29.67%
Income: 10.01%

Percentages for each answer are percentages of users who answered that question.

Thank you for taking part in our survey.

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Note: This survey does not represent a statistically valid random sample.


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