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Statistics - Polls: What do the numbers tell us?+/- 5%

Six Months Before the Election

Sparks flew during last night's debate between mayoral candidates Stephanie Higgins and Webster Fletcher. No one was shocked at the stand each candidate took. Higgins continued to support the business agenda while Fletcher spoke out for the needs of the underdog.

Following the debate, a poll conducted by the Journal-Times of those who watched the debate on television indicates that Higgins is catching up with Fletcher, though Fletcher continues to have a slight lead of 3%, with a margin of error of +/-5%.

WQXL's poll of those who heard the debate on the radio indicates slightly different results. Interestingly, both polls indicate that working women under the age of 50 support Higgins, while working women 50 and older support Fletcher.

What Is a Margin of Error?

"Statistics" is inspired by programs from Against All Odds: Inside Statistics.


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