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Exhibits Information and Credits

"What are the forces behind the fun?"

This exhibit was inspired by the following programs from The Mechanical Universe...and Beyond, a video series in the Annenberg Media Multimedia Collection -

"The Law of Falling Bodies"
"Newton's Laws"
"The Apple and the Moon"
"Fundamental Forces"

Exhibit Credits

The creation of this exhibit would not have been possible without the ideas, efforts, and talent of the following individuals:

Academic Specialist
Mikell Lynne Hedley
Physics Department
Central Catholic High School
Toledo, Ohio

Content Reviewer
Thomas J. Henderson
Physics Department
Glenbrook South High School
Glenview, Illinois

Project Managers
Linda W. Braun
Jennifer Fleming
LEO: Librarians & Educators Online

Technical Consultants
Edward Piou, ep Productions
Rick Schmalgemeier, Innovate.Net

Jeffrey Braxton, Myriad Media
Gordon Ng, Pangeum Interactive

Special thanks to:

Kimberly M. Hoffman, Head Librarian at Central Catholic High School, for her help with references and research.

Tamara Humphrey, Director of the Merry-Go-Round Museum, for her help with carousel legends.


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"Amusement Park Physics" is inspired by programs from The Mechanical Universe...and Beyond.


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