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Exhibits Information and Credits

"What was life really like in the Middle Ages?"

This exhibit was inspired by the following programs from The Western Tradition, a video series from Annenberg Media -

"The Middle Ages"
"The Feudal Order"
"Common Life in the Middle Ages"
"Cities and Cathedrals of the Middle Ages"
"The Late Middle Ages"

Exhibit Credits

The creation of this exhibit would not have been possible without the ideas, efforts and talent of the following individuals:

Chief Academic
Susan Weiss
Professor of Musicology
The Peabody Conservatory of The Johns Hopkins University

Project Managers
Linda W. Braun
Jennifer Fleming
LEO: Librarians & Educators Online

Technical Consultants
Edward Piou, ep Productions
Rick Schmalgemeier, Innovate.Net

Jeffrey Braxton, Myriad Media
Gordon Ng, Pangeum Interactive

Information Architecture Consultants
Argus Associates Inc.

Advisors to the Exhibits Collection

Melody Allen
Library Program Specialist
Office of Library and Information Services
Rhode Island Department of Administration, RI

Wendy Carter
The CDM Group

Joan Dunfey
Project Director
The WGBH Teacher Center, MA

Cynthia James-Catalano
Internet Writer and Librarian

Bryan Pffafenberger
University of Virginia, Division of Technology, Culture and Communication, VA

Kathy Schrock
Technology Department Head
Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District, MA

Gloria Tibbs
Cybrarian Project Coordinator
Kansas City Metropolitan Library & Information Network, MO

Photo Credits

Canterbury Cathedral Photo - David Huntington. Copyright the Regents of the University of Michigan.

Medieval Music Musicians - James Young and Mark Cudek, The Peabody Conservatory of The Johns Hopkins University.

Medieval Music Recorder - Scott Smallwood, The Peabody Conservatory of The Johns Hopkins University.


The Middle Ages is inspired by programs from The Western Tradition.


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