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If you’re a fan of Journey North, rollercoasters or Destinos, check out these related resources on Learner.org that you may have missed.


About the Author -- Susan Glaspell

Related Resources -- Susan Glaspell and Literary Theory

Related Resources -- Early 20th Century

Explore the following Web sites for more information on the early 20th century.

The History of the Horse Drawn Carriage

Carriage Tour
This site from the Carriage Association of America features a tour of horse drawn carriages in the United States, including references on the origin and use of carriages.

National Museum of American History--Road Transportation
This site offers a brief look at items from the National Museum of American History, including historical notes about horse drawn carriages and the transformation from carriage to automobile.

Farm Life at the Turn of the Century

American Memory
A project of the Library of Congress, American Memory includes many resources related to early farm life in the United States. If you perform a search on the word "farm," you will access original documents, photos and plays which explore what life was like in the time period.

At Home in the Heartland Online
This site on life in Illinois from 1890 to 1920 sheds light on the industrial, economic, and social changes and challenges of the time period.

Quilts and Quilting

Quilt History
These excerpts from email related to the history of quilting are well organized and informative. Topics covered include slave quilting, quilts in New England, and contemporary quilting practices. Each section includes a bibliography of books on the topic.

Articles, history and links are found in this extensive resource devoted to quilts and quilting.

World Wide Web Quilting Page
This resource is filled with links to information about the history of quilting and specific types of quilts. Also included is a mailing list on how to quilt and quilting history.

Votes for Women: Selections from the National American Woman's Suffrage Association Collection
This portion of the Library of Congress American Memory site links to a wide array of primary source materials which focus on women in society during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Women's History in America
This article from Compton's Encyclopedia provides a good overview of women in America and includes information on women's movements, from suffrage to current day feminism, and women in the workplace.

Woman's Suffrage
An exhibit from the History Channel which explores the woman's suffrage movement and includes biographies of figures who were important to the cause.

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