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Paper and Cardboard

Nationwide, paper and cardboard account for 41 percent of all municipal solid waste--that's close to half of all the garbage generated in the U.S. Paper and cardboard are easily recycled, yet the United States recycles only about 25 percent of the paper it consumes annually. In comparison, Sweden and Switzerland recycle 40 percent, and Japan recycles 50 percent. Recycling our Sunday newspapers alone would save 500,000 trees every week.

You can put the following measures into place to reduce the amount of paper going into the landfill by 13 percent:

  • provide curbside recycling of newspaper and mixed waste paper (cardboard, phone books, magazines, junk mail, office paper, brown bags)
  • recycle the paper left at drop-off recycling dumpsters placed throughout the city
  • allow residents to drop off paper at city recycling centers
  • start a commercial recycling program, offering pickup of recyclable mixed paper from businesses
  • start a school recycling program, offering pickup of recyclable mixed paper from public and private schools

These measures will cost $40 to $45 thousand dollars.


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