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About Annenberg Media's Interactives

For almost 20 years, Annenberg Media has been funding the development of educational videos and other resources. Covering subjects across the curriculum, our videos, books, and CD-ROMs are now used by colleges, high schools, corporations, organizations, and informal learners around the world.

Annenberg Media's Interactives are an effort to extend the content of our video series through new technologies offered by the Web. Our goal is to provide hands-on, high-quality learning activities that help students, teachers, and lifelong learners further explore important topics such as the environment, ethics, and the Renaissance.

We select educators who are experts in their fields and who also are familiar with classroom use of our video series to plan the content for the exhibits. By bringing these educators together with a team of Web and multimedia experts, we are able to create Interactives you can enjoy in the classroom and at home.

We hope you'll visit many of the Interactives, and let us know what you think. Please email any questions, comments, or suggestions to us at

Enjoy your explorations, and thank you for joining us here.

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