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Collapse: Why do civilizations fall?
Collapse: Why do civilizations fall?Credits

The Maya
Chaco Canyon
Mali and Songhai
Touching the Past
Related Resources
"Collapse" is inspired by the following programs from Out of the Past, a video series from Annenberg Media:

"New Worlds"
"Signs and Symbols"
"Power, Prestige, and Wealth"

Exhibit Sources
A list of resources used in the creation of this exhibit.

The creation of this exhibit would not have been possible without the ideas, efforts, and talent of the following individuals:

Academic Specialists
Charles O. Ellenbaum
Professor of Anthropology and Religious Studies
College of DuPage

David Webster
Department of Anthropology
Penn State University

John Kantner
Department of Anthropology
University of California at Santa Barbara

Project Manager
Jennifer Fleming, Square Circle Solutions

Technical Consultants
Edward Piou, ep Productions
Rick Schmalgemeier, Innovate.Net

Jeffrey Braxton, Myriad Media
Gordon Ng, Pangeum Interactive

Special thanks to:
Debra Revere for research assistance and fact-checking.

David Vickery of the UK Patent Office for research on the Percy Bysshe Shelley poem, "Ozymandias."


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