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CollapseLooking for Clues at Copan
Notes from
Your Journal

You have not yet written any notes in your journal.

You have not explored every clue at the site. Do you want to go back and finish your exploration or are you ready to draw your conclusions?

Your Conclusions

Do you think you know why Copán collapsed? Choose the conclusions that are closest to yours.

Why did Copán collapse?

War with neighboring peoples brought on political problems and malnutrition.
Overpopulation and overfarming brought on malnutrition and disease.
A natural disaster caused the area to become uninhabitable because of erosion and crop shortages.

Was the end a gradual decline or a rapid fall?

Rapid (occurred within a few years)
Gradual (occurred over a few hundred years)

Why did you come to this conclusion? *

* This question is optional. Your response will be posted anonymously to this site for other people to read.


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