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The Power of Music
This series is designed to help pre-K through fifth-grade music educators integrate into their practice effective teaching strategies used in El Sistema-inspired programs. The video series features teaching artists across the country committed to providing music-making opportunities to children who otherwise might not have them

CollapseLooking for Clues at Copan
Looking for Clues at Copan: image map
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Through fieldwork and lab work, archaeologists have been piecing together what happened to bring about the collapse of Copán, once a thriving center of Maya civilization. In this activity, you'll be following in the steps of the archaeologists who studied Copán, looking for clues to how it collapsed. You'll be trying to answer two questions:

1. Why did Copán collapse?

2. Was the end a gradual decline or a rapid fall?

To get started, Journalclick on one of the topics to the left (monuments, houses, bones, people, or botany). Use your Copán journal to record important clues along the way.

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"Collapse" is inspired by programs from Out of the Past,
a video series from Annenberg Media.


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