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Hire the Screenwriter

Bottendorf's first step is to hire a screenwriter. He's looking for someone with a good track record, and he wants a good listener who can shape his grandfather's World War II tales into a dramatic and compelling narrative. Cost is a factor, but Bottendorf is most concerned with finding a writer who can bring a unique perspective to the screenplay and who can tell a sensitive and insightful tale. Who would you choose?

Lindsey Pearlman has written three successful films: Deadly Annihilation, Lethal Control, and Fatal Mirage. Each one has been a blockbuster hit, each more violent than the last. Although not about war specifically, Pearlman's films certainly have enough explosives and death-defying stunts to pack a wallop. Salary: $2 million.
 [ Hire Lindsey ]

Jo Williams has written two films: one an epic miniseries for television about the fight for civil rights, the other a low-budget theatrical release that turned out to be a sleeper hit with quirky characters and a bold premise. She is a writer who takes risks and her risks have paid off. She was nominated for an Emmy for her miniseries this year. Salary: $250,000.
 [ Hire Jo ]

Andrew Morton is considered Hollywood's best script doctor, able to take other people's scripts, figure out what is wrong with them, and fix them up. His best original pieces were written 20 years ago, but he has been secretly working on a screenplay about the Korean War. Salary: $150,000.
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