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Practice some of the vocabulary and grammar covered in the Espana episodes of Destinos.

European Colonies Challenge

See how much you know about the European powers and the colonies they established in North America. Then boost your score in the lightning round as you locate the original 13 states.

European Union Timeline

Since the end of World War II, many European countries have been working to foster increasing unity. This interactive timeline traces the development and future of the European Union.

Evaluate Student Writing

Evaluate a piece of student writing and weigh the student's strengths and weaknesses. Decide which content and conventions are the most important things to address.

Evaluating Evidence

Evaluate primary sources to determine their support of a given thesis. Using the Civil War as an example, rank the relevancy of sources in relation to four common beliefs as to the cause of the war.

Evaluating Web Sites

Practice evaluating Web sites to determine which ones are the most useful. Browse a Web site and evaluate it by answering the basic questions of who, what, when, where, why and how.

Even Data Sets

How do you find the median for an even numbers of noodles? Learn how in this three-noodle summary of twelve noodles.

Evolution of Large Scale Structure in the Universe

Vary two of the most important cosmological parameters, run the simulation and try to build our universe. Compare your simulated universe to real observations.

Evolution of TĂșngara Frog Mating Calls

Use molecular information and observe female response patterns to learn about the mating calls of Physalaemus frogs. Examine the evolution of female preference for particular call characteristics.

Examine Cueing Strategies

Examine the cueing strategies (graphophonic, syntactic, semantic) that readers use to comprehend text. Learn how to use these strategies to support English Language Learners.

Examine Writing Techniques

Identify writing techniques involving the use of detail and dialogue from different children's books. Then compare your response to a sample answer.

Executive Branch Recap: The Bureaucracies

The departments and agencies of the executive branch are responsible for regulating many of the things we use in our everyday routines. Follow a student through her day to find objects regulated by the government.

Executive Leadership Recap: Roles of The President

The President wears many hats such as Chief of State, Party Leader, Chief Executive and Commander-in-Chief. Try your hand at assisting the President with his schedule, as the Chief of Staff.

Expansion Concentration

The name of an event, person or land acquisition will appear when you click on a square. Click on another square to match the event or person with the correct land acquisition in this two-minute game.

Explore & Play with Prisms

Explore the properties of four prisms. Change the direction and speed of each prism's rotation and highlight the numbers of faces, vertices and edges for each one.

Explore & Play with Pyramids

Explore the properties of four pyramids. Change the direction and speed of each pyramid's rotation and highlight the numbers of faces, vertices and edges for each one.

Explore a Classroom

A well-organized classroom supported by purposeful reading routines helps children develop their literacy skills. Explore a classroom environment and observe the effective use of classroom space and related routines.

Explore Platonic Solids and Input Values

Observe five platonic solids. Input the number of faces, vertices, edges and the number of faces meeting at each vortex in the table provided.

Exploring the Cultural Framework

Use the triangle model of the cultural framework to explore how products, practices and perspectives are interrelated. Compare two different products, practices and perspectives and see sample answers for each from two different cultures.

Exploring Zero and Infinity on a Graph

Explore the number line and its elements through a graphic representation of an equation. Move along the curve of the graph of xy=12 to see how the values change as you vary x or y and consider what happens for negative values of x and y.

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