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Five-Question Survey: What are your ideas about basic astronomy?

Find out your or your students' understanding of astronomy. Afterwards you can see how others answered the questions.

Frequency Bar Graphs

Line plots are good for small amounts of data while frequency bar graphs are better for large amounts. Observe how to transition from line plot to frequency bar graph.

From Corner to Corner

Measure the lengths and diagonals of three squares with a ruler. Look over your measurements and try to come up with a rule of thumb for estimating the length of a diagonal if you know the length of a side.

Frosted Cube-Cake

Imagine a cake shaped like a cube that is frosted on all six sides and will be cut into smaller cube-shaped pieces. Make predictions about the number of pieces and the amount of frosting on each piece of cake using the table to check your predictions.

Fun House Mirrors

Explore the effect of concave and convex mirrors. Combine concave and convex mirrors to design a fun house mirror that will create the distorted pictures of Melissa and Sam.


Enter commands to direct your drawing tool to create different shapes. Reflect on the relationship between interior, exterior and central angles.

Geologic Timeline

Test your knowledge of major events (formation of the solar system, first appearance of water, etc.) in geologic history. Afterwards put the events in the correct order on the timeline.

Geometry 3D Shapes

Learn about several three-dimensional geometric shapes and the terminology used to describe them. Learn how to calculate their surface area and volume, and explore their mathematical properties.

Geometry 3D Shapes Assessment: Test Your Skills

Test your knowledge of polyhedra, prisms, pyramids, volume, surface area, Euler’s Theorem and platonic solids. Take this 39-question test, review your correct and incorrect answers, and print out your assessment.

Grades 6-8 Spelling Bee

Read and listen to stories with some words missing. Fill in the missing words, see how many words you spelled correctly and get corrections for the ones you missed.

Gray Whales

Track gray whale migration. Use live data to observe migration patterns.

Guess My Button

Practice classification/pattern recognition skills by guessing which button out of sixteen the computer has chosen. Go through a series of online questions about the buttons that differ in size, color, shape and number of holes to determine the answer.

Guess My Rule

Someone makes up a mystery algorithm and keeps it secret. With the help of the function machine, try to discover the algorithm with as few guesses as possible.


Review the transitions between various graphical representations of data and discuss the advantages of a histogram have over a stem and leaf plot. Also consider the disadvantages of a histogram.

How Long is a Minute?

Try to judge when you think a minute has passed without counting in your head or watching a clock. Use the online stopwatch to record your guesses, get some friends to guess as well and try to come up with reasons for the variations in responses.

How Many Valentines?

How many valentines are exchanged if each of five friends gives a valentine to each of their other friends? Reflect on your solution, compare it with some others listed, and think about how you would solve a similar problem for more people.


Observe hummingbirds and report their sightings online. Share and review the sightings with other students/classrooms to track hemispheric migratory patterns.

I Took a Trip on a Train

You took four snapshots of some geometric shapes that you saw on your train trip around a circular track. You dropped the pictures and got them mixed up, and now you must imagine your trip to put them back in order.

Identify Rock Types

Identify the three major kinds of rocks. Learn some of the key characteristics that help you tell them apart.

Identify the Tribe

Read the names of three Indian tribes and pick out the tribe that was not considered part of the same area as the others. You have 15 seconds to answer each question.

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