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Image as History: Surviving Conquest

How has Ácoma accommodated change while maintaining a deep connection to the past? See how this ancient American pueblo has survived and adapted in the face of centuries of conquest. View non-Flash version.

Image as History: The White City

The World's Columbian Exposition made a statement about the future of city life — a chance for something better than the squalid, polluted, and overcrowded industrial cities of the 19th century. What vision of the future city did the fair present? View non-Flash version.

Inscribed Angles

Study inscribed angles in semicircles and quarter-circles. What conjectures can you make about the measure of an inscribed angle in semi- or quarter-circles? View non-Flash version.

Interactive Map: Mapping Conquest

The United States used a variety of devices to conquer the West. What can we learn about the processes of conquest from looking at maps? View non-Flash version.

Interactive Map: Slave and Free Soil

How did the legal status of slavery change in the United States between the Revolution and the Civil War? See how over time, slavery spread in some areas while disappearing or constricting in others. View non-Flash version.

Interactive Map: The Elections of 1896 and 1900

In 1896, the big issue was the monetary standard, while by 1900 imperialism had taken over as the key national issue. What can you discover in the geographical patterns that emerged in the elections of 1896 and 1900? View non-Flash version.

Interactive Map: The New West

The Old Rocky Mountain West had been a wild, untamed place. But with the late 20th century technology, population growth,it seemed that a smaller, more accessible "New West" had arisen. Is the New West still a distinct region or just another place in a homogenous American landscape? View non-Flash version.

Interactive Map: The Transportation Revolution

What generalizations can you make about the timing and nature of developments in transportation? See the rapid expansion of roads, canals and railroads from 1830-1860. View non-Flash version.

Interactive Timeline: 1876-1999

Revisit the events of 1876 to 1999. See how the history of Native Americans, women, African Americans and labor continues to be part of the American story. View non-Flash version.

Interactive Timeline: Colonial Settlement

What else was happening during the settlement of the thirteen colonies? See how other European nations, along with the British, colonized America and how events in Europe impacted colonization. View non-Flash version.

Interactive Timeline: Inventions, 1868-1898

Inventions in the late nineteenth century marked the beginning of rapid changes communications, transportation, and in the way Americans lived and worked. How did technological innovation affect the United States after the Civil War? View non-Flash version.

Interactive Timeline: The Events of 1831

In what ways were some of the events of the year related? Nat Turner’s rebellion, evangelical revivalism, cabinet resignations and the invention of the first steam engine make 1831 an especially momentous year. View non-Flash version.

Interactive Timeline: to 1876

Revisit the events up to 1876. See how the histories of Native Americans, women, African Americans and labor have always been an integral part of the American story. View non-Flash version.

Interest Group Recap

There are special interest groups for many purposes, and you likely belong to one without even knowing it. Find out which groups might be of interest to you.

Interest Rate Calculator

The bank is offering four special savings plans for new customers. Use the interest rate calculator to determine the best offer, taking variables like principal and compounding into account.

Interpreting Stories and Graphs

Read a story and draw a graph that tells the same story. Next look at a graph and write a story to match.

Isotopes, a Weighty Matter: Isotope Quiz

You will be presented with three different isotopes of the same element. See if you can calculate the atom's average relative mass.

Israel Development Timeline

This timeline shows the development of Israel throughout the 20th century to the present. Follow Israel from the British control of the region in 1917, to its founding in 1948, to events immediately following September 11.

It's Elementary: Building Elements

Use your knowledge of scientific notation systems used to describe orbital configuration. Build up orbitals and electrons piece by piece in order to construct a given element.

Journals: Use Your Document Detective Skills

Read three journal entries, one at a time, about events of historical significance. Identify the region and era particular to each journal entry, and answer additional questions about the topic covered.

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