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Cast Your Vote!

Cast your vote and answer some questions on the accuracy, usefulness and impact of polls.


Play an animation that incorporates most types of energy transfers and conversions into a chain reaction. Then rerun the animation and answer questions to test your understanding of how energy can travel and change.

Cause for Debate

Because the Constitution creates separate institutions that must share power, there will always be disputes over the basic principles. Check out some of the hot issues (term limits, electoral college, judicial review) that are in dispute even to this day.

The Chemistry of Running

Explore the chemistry and physiology of running by choosing an avatar and running a series of timed races. Set a running goal to successfully complete a full marathon. Then perform an energy calculation to see how many kilocalories were burned during the race.

Chemistry Timeline

Learn more about key chemistry-related people and events from prehistoric times to the present. The timeline targets major breakthroughs in the development of chemical science, including the discovery of key elements, as well as the birth and death dates of important contributors chemistry history.

Civics Exam

What is your citizenship I.Q.? See if you can pass this civics exam on American history, the Constitution and our political system.

Civil Liberties Recap: You Be the Judge

How well can you decide the balance of civil liberties? Review three case summaries as well as the laws and facts about each case and arguments, and then make a ruling.

Civil Rights: Demanding Equality

Decide whether to agree/disagree with the change of policy that requires admission officials to meet enrollment quotas based on race. Then explore other methods to promote racial diversity at schools and universities.

Colliding Cars

Try to predict what will happen in three different bumper car collisions. For each collision, you'll be shown two possible outcomes.

Colored Shadows

Manipulate dual shadows and learn why different types of shadows are cast.

Columbia River Basin

Manipulate GIS map data of the Columbia River basin. Explore the basin and the effects of dams on the salmon population.

Connecting Themes and Disciplines

Connect themes and content to teaching strategies and activities. Practice developing lesson ideas by listing new concepts you would teach and activities you would use to teach them.

Continents Over Time

You have two minutes to correctly arrange five images showing the positions of the continents during different geologic periods. Can you do it?

Control a Haber-Bosch Ammonia Plant

Learn about the economics of operating a chemical factory as you try to optimize the process of a simulated Haber-Bosch process ammonia fertilizer plant. Try to maximize profitability by using your knowledge of chemistry to fine-tune the reaction: adjusting temperature and pressure in the reaction chamber, switching the type of catalyst, and adjusting the rate that the product (ammonia) and impurities are removed.

Control the U.S. Debt!

Neither the president nor Congress appears to be near a solution on how to control the U.S. debt. Use this exercise to show them how to do it.

Convergent Boundaries - Colliding Plates

What are convergent boundaries? Examine how collisions of oceanic and continental plates can create volcanoes, island arcs and earthquakes.

Curating an Exhibit

Curate a museum exhibit centered on the theme of "Conflicts in American History." Select artifacts, letters, paintings and other items, and then write descriptions of the items that tie them to the larger theme. View and print final compiled exhibit.

Dagestan Timeline

A timeline using historical maps shows the confluence of Islam and Russian rule in the area known as Dagestan. Follow the development of Islamic political entities in the area of present-day Dagestan.

Demographics Lab

Use real demographic data and a simulator to understand the factors that control human population growth, recognize the demographic transition in human history, and gain a sense of how population demographics has a very human impact in all areas of our planet.

Design a Roller Coaster

Try your hand at designing a roller coaster using physics concepts that are used to create real coasters. When you're done, your coaster will need to pass an inspection for both safety and fun.

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