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Amusement Park Physics

Are you really in danger when you are taking those hairpin turns and death-defying loops on a roller coaster? Discover how amusement park rides use the laws of physics to simulate danger, while keeping the rides safe.


Play an animation that incorporates most types of energy transfers and conversions into a chain reaction. Then rerun the animation and answer questions to test your understanding of how energy can travel and change.

Discovering Neutrino Oscillation

Discover neutrino oscillation and try to match real experiments with this simulator. Do electrons oscillate? What happens to the rate of neutrino detection as you move closer and farther from the source?

Evolution of Large Scale Structure in the Universe

Vary two of the most important cosmological parameters, run the simulation and try to build our universe. Compare your simulated universe to real observations.

Geologic Timeline

Test your knowledge of major events (formation of the solar system, first appearance of water, etc.) in geologic history. Afterwards put the events in the correct order on the timeline.

The Human Brain

Explore the three interconnected layers of the human brain. The central core (basic life processes), limbic system (emotion and memory) and the cerebral cortex (higher cognitive functions).

Laser Cooling

Slow a sample of fast-moving atoms with a laser to capture them in a trap by setting the temperature of the oven and adjusting the strength of the magnets. Once trapped they can be cooled and used in a variety of experiments.

Life Span Development

Explore major developments that take place across the life span. Select specific stages (childhood, adolescence, etc.) to learn about biological, cognitive and psychosocial development at each stage.

Virtual Particle Lab: Compressibility of Air

Explore the particle model of matter. Run the simulations and see if you can predict the results.

Virtual Particle Lab: Dissolving

Explore what happens when one substance dissolves into another. Run the simulations and see if you can predict the results.

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