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Invitation to World Literature



The Fisherman
A meek fisherman releases a demon and unleashes a series of adventures.
audio-iconHaroun al-Rashid
The historical sultan of Baghdad, whose wise rule stands in contrast to the reign of terror of Shahrayar.
The Merchant
A simple merchant seeks to cheat death at the hands of an implacable demon.
The Porter
A humble porter learns the dangers of mixing with ladies above his station.
The murderous sultan whose practice of killing a new wife each night is stopped by the healing stories of Shahrazad.
(also known as Scheherazade) The brilliant young woman who risks her life to cure Shahrayar, spinning a new tale of love, death, and adventure each night.
The Three Ladies of Baghdad
Why do three rich and lovely sisters take the Porter home with them? And how does he end up at death's door?