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Invitation to World Literature


Recommended Translations & Editions

EditionsAbout these Editions

Robert Fagles, The Odyssey, Penguin Classics, 1999.


This is our recommended text. It is a best-selling recent version by a distinguished classicist, eloquently giving the epic's long lines a modern flavor, with an informative introduction by Bernard Knox.

Robert Fitzgerald, The Odyssey, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1998.


A classic 1950s translation in a spare, modernist manner.

Alexander Pope, The Odyssey of Homer, Book Jungle, 2007.


A fascinating period piece, recasting Homer in the voice of a gentleman poet of the eighteenth century, complete with rhymed couplets and also extensive, quirky annotations by Pope himself. Not a version to read through, but well worth a look, to see how Homer came into English poetry; available on the Web.