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Invitation to World Literature



The Enlightened One whose life inspired the religion and way of Buddhism.
A city that Tripitaka and his disciples visit in order to avenge a king who has been killed and replaced by a wizard.
Holy Iron Staff
A magic weapon given to Monkey by the dragon king. It changes size from tiny as a pin to 20 feet long and is invincible.
Holy Scriptures
Buddhist sutras that will be translated into Chinese to help the spread of the religion into the wayward south of China.
audio-iconHsuan Tsang
(or Tripitaka) The Chinese Buddhist monk who makes the journey west to India to get Buddhist scriptures.
The Buddhist process through which one's earthly being is transcended and immortal life is achieved.
The Jade Emperor
The king of Heaven
(or the Boddhisatva) An Illuminated being sent by Buddha to find and protect Tripitaka and his disciples.
The Stone Monkey King, Great Sage, Equal of Heaven — the hero of the story. He has many names, including his religious name "Aware of Vacuity."
Mountain of the Five Elements
Monkey is imprisoned inside this mountain for 500 years by the Buddha for his crimes against heaven.
Mountain of Fruit and Flowers
Monkey's original home, where he is king of the other monkeys.
The Peach Garden
This heavenly garden's magic peach trees grant immortality and other powers to those who eat them. When Monkey is in heaven he eats all the peaches, ruining the Jade Emperor's Peach banquet.
A fallen resident of heaven who also accompanies Tripitaka. Pigsy is a military marhsall who has been transformed into a pig.
A thwarted former resident of heaven who accompanies Tripitaka to India. Formerly a heavenly general, he has been transformed into a river dragon before becoming a helper to Tripitaka.
Slow Cart
Monkey helps to free the Buddhist priests who are enslaved in this city, killing three False Immortals in the process.
The Way
The state of illumination (or enlightenment), which Tripitaka, Monkey, Sandy, and Pigsy reach at last in India.
Tripitaka's mother, whose courage and virtue eventually reunites her family.