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UNIT 5: Early Belief Systems


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Achaemenid Audio Pronunciation of Achaemenid
Persian empire of the seventh century BCE.

Amaterasu Audio Pronunciation of Amaterasu
Shinto sun goddess.

Amon-Ra Audio Pronunciation of Amon-Ra
Chief god of the ancient Egyptians.

animism Audio Pronunciation of animism
The belief that personalized, supernatural beings (or souls) inhabit ordinary objects and govern their existence.

Bonampak Audio Pronunciation of Bonampak
Classic Mayan archeological site.

Brahman Audio Pronunciation of Brahman
Vedic sacred knowledge, and later the absolute power of the universe in Hindu belief.

Daoism Audio Pronunciation of Daoism
Chinese religion that encourages spontaneity and the development of connections to the Dao, the force balancing the universe.

gynocentric Audio Pronunciation of gynocentric

Harappa Audio Pronunciation of Harappa
Earliest known culture in Indus valley, 2300 - 1500 BCE.

Hinduism Audio Pronunciation of Hinduism
Dominant belief system in India with a diverse array of belief systems, practices, and scriptures; originated in ancient Vedic culture at least as far back as 2000 BCE.

Jainism Audio Pronunciation of Jainism
Influenced by the Vedic traditions and texts, Jains strive for an intense ethical life to gain release from reincarnation.

kami Audio Pronunciation of kami
Spirits dwelling in animate and inaminate places and things in Japanese Shinto belief.

Mencius Audio Pronunciation of Mencius
Chinese philosopher who taught that human's innate morality is corrupted by society, circa 372 - 289 BCE.

Mohenjo-Daro Audio Pronunciation of Mohenjo-Daro
Best-documented ancient city in Indus valley, 2300 - 1500 BCE.

Olmec Audio Pronunciation of Olmec
Mother civilization of Mesoamerican cultures, 1200 - 800 BCE.

Qin Audio Pronunciation of Qin
State in northwest China that unified China for the first time during the Qin dynasty, 221 - 210 BCE.

shaman Audio Pronunciation of shaman
Priest who channels spirits for his or her religious community.

Shinto Audio Pronunciation of Shinto
Literally "Way of the Gods"; indigenous religion of Japan.

Upanishads Audio Pronunciation of Upanishads
Hindu sacred texts about meditation and spiritual debates.

Vedas Audio Pronunciation of Vedas
Hindu sacred texts of orally transmitted hymns from about 2000 BCE.

Xunzi Audio Pronunciation of Xunzi
Chinese philosopher who taught that men are born evil and must be taught how to live ethically, sometimes through punishments, 312 - 235 BCE (Warring States period).

Zoroaster Audio Pronunciation of Zoroaster
Also known as Zarathustra; founder of Zoroastrianism, lived in Persia during the sixth century BCE.

Zoroastrianism Audio Pronunciation of Zoroastrianism
Persian belief system that combines aspects of monotheism and dualism; strongly influenced Judaism and Manichaeism.

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