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UNIT 20: Imperial Designs


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Afrikaners Audio Pronunciation of Afrikaners
Afrikaans-speaking descendants of Dutch settlers in South Africa.

Boers Audio Pronunciation of Boers
Farmers of Dutch heritage in South Africa.

Choshu Audio Pronunciation of Choshu
One of the key domains in Japan which fought to restore imperial rule in Tokugawa Japan, leading to the Meiji Restoration.

Khoikhoi Audio Pronunciation of Khoikhoi
Pastoral peoples of southern Africa who interacted with early Dutch settlers in the seventeenth century.

Khoisan people Audio Pronunciation of Khoisan people
Khoisan-speaking people who today are settled mostly in modern South Africa.

Maori Audio Pronunciation of Maori
Indigenous people in New Zealand.

Marquês de Pombal Audio Pronunciation of Marquês de Pombal
Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, eighteenth-century Portuguese chief minister who organized the expulsion of the Jesuits from the Americas.

Massasoit Audio Pronunciation of Massasoit
The title of Ousamequin, leader of the Pokanoket and the Wampanoag tribes, who negotiated a treaty with the Pilgrims for their alliance against the Narragansett in 1622.

Mfecane Audio Pronunciation of Mfecane
Literally "the crushing" in Zulu; the events in southern Africa following Shaka Zulu's rise to power, which was in part possible because of destabilization caused by European encroachment.

Minas Gerais Audio Pronunciation of Minas Gerais
Brazilian state that experienced a series of mining booms beginning with gold in the late seventeenth century and continuing with iron ore in the nineteenth century.

small metropole Audio Pronunciation of small metropole
City with less than one million residents.

Sotho Audio Pronunciation of Sotho
Bantu-speaking peoples of southern Africa who fought against European settlement and colonization.

Treaty of Tordesillas Audio Pronunciation of Treaty of Tordesillas
Agreement between the monarchs of Spain and Portugal to divide the world between them by drawing a line through the Atlantic Ocean, 1494.

Voortrekkers Audio Pronunciation of Voortrekkers
Dutch descendants who moved away from the Cape of Good Hope in southern Africa when it was under British control.

Wampanoags Audio Pronunciation of Wampanoags
Native American tribe from New England.

Xhosa Audio Pronunciation of Xhosa
Bantu-speaking peoples of southern Africa who fought against European settlement and colonization.

Zulus Audio Pronunciation of Zulus
Bantu-speaking people of southern Africa who fought against European settlement and colonization.

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