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UNIT 12: Transmission of Traditions


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Abd al-Rahman Audio Pronunciation of Abd al-Rahman
Name borne by five princes of the Umayyad dynasty, amirs and caliphs of Cordoba.

Aceh Audio Pronunciation of Aceh
Muslim kingdom in northern Sumatra in the seventeenth century.

al-Andalus Audio Pronunciation of al-Andalus
Area of Muslim rule on the Iberian peninsula, 711 - 1492 CE.

ar-Rundi Audio Pronunciation of ar-Rundi
Muslim poet and theologian who became the leading mystical thinker of North Africa in the fourteenth century.

Avicenna Audio Pronunciation of Avicenna
Arabic name, Ibn Sina; Muslim philosopher and physician whose medical texts became standard for European doctors, 980 - 1037 CE.

caliphate of Cordoba Audio Pronunciation of caliphate of Cordoba
Muslim government based in the city of Cordoba on the Iberian peninsula.

Choson dynasty Audio Pronunciation of Choson dynasty
Korean dynasty, 1392 - 1910.

Granada Audio Pronunciation of Granada
Last area controlled by Muslims on the Iberian peninsula.

han'gul Audio Pronunciation of han'gul
Korean phonetic syllabary.

jeliw  Audio Pronunciation of jeliw
Manding (West African) name for bards (griots or storyteller-historians) whose positions were inherited.

Koryo dynasty Audio Pronunciation of Koryo dynasty
Korean dynasty, 918 - 1392 CE.

Mansa Musa Audio Pronunciation of Mansa Musa
Fourteenth-century Malian king who travelled to Mecca for a hajj.

Moses Maimonides Audio Pronunciation of Moses Maimonides
Jewish philosopher and physician born in Cordoba and exiled to Cairo where he advised Saladin, 1135 - 1204.

Sejong Audio Pronunciation of Sejong
Fifteenth-century Korean ruler who ordered the creation of a written script for the Korean language.

Silla Audio Pronunciation of Silla
State that unified the Korean peninsula for the first time in 668 CE and ruled as the Silla dynasty until the tenth century.

tarikhs Audio Pronunciation of tarikhs
Arabic word for "historical chronicles".

Toledo Audio Pronunciation of Toledo
City of the Iberian peninsula under Muslim rule which became the first city taken by Christians in the Reconquista.

Tripitaka Audio Pronunciation of Tripitaka
Collected sacred texts of Buddhism.

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