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UNIT 11: Early Empires


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Atahualpa Audio Pronunciation of Atahualpa
Last Inkan ruler.

Chinggis Khan Audio Pronunciation of Chinggis Khan
Mongol leader who created the Mongol empire, 1167 - 1227.

Francisco Pizarro Audio Pronunciation of Francisco Pizarro
Spanish conqueror of the Inka.

griot Audio Pronunciation of griot
French term used for oral historian in West Africa.

Jurchen Audio Pronunciation of Jurchen
People who inhabited areas of present-day Manchuria and founded a state in northern China; their Jin dynasty ruled from 1115 - 1224.

Karakorum Audio Pronunciation of Karakorum
Capital of the Mongol empire.

Kubilai Audio Pronunciation of Kubilai
Grandson of Chinggis Khan who founded the Yuan dynasty in China.

Mande Audio Pronunciation of Mande
Niger-Congo language group in West Africa associated with formation of the Mali Empire.

mit'a Audio Pronunciation of mit'a
The Inka's communal labor requirements based on shared obligations to kinship groups and royal projects.

Pachacuti Audio Pronunciation of Pachacuti
Inkan ruler, 1438 - 1471 CE.

Pax Mongolica Audio Pronunciation of Pax Mongolica
The peace created by the extension of Mongol rule across Eurasia.

Pedro de Cieza de Leon Audio Pronunciation of Pedro de Cieza de Leon
Spanish conquistador who wrote Chronicles of the Inkas, 1540 CE.

Qidan  Audio Pronunciation of Qidan
An ethnic group inhabiting the northeast of China who established the Liao state in the tenth century.

quipus  Audio Pronunciation of quipus
Knotted cords used by the Inka to keep government records.

sahel Audio Pronunciation of sahel
Arabic word meaning "shore" and referring to the dry area between the Sahara and the forests or grasslands south of it.

Sunjata Audio Pronunciation of Sunjata
Founder of the Malian empire in the thirteenth century; protagonist of epic tales performed by griots.

Temujin Audio Pronunciation of Temujin
Birth name of Chinggis Khan.

Yasa Audio Pronunciation of Yasa
Mongol law codes.

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