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What is the Traveler?

The World History Traveler is a thematically-organized interactive that helps you learn more about the patterns and processes that make up world history. Follow Thematic Pathways to explore a particular topic, or use the Bridges to make connections across time and space.

Using the Traveler

If you would like a more structured path through the Traveler, you can select from the Traveler Activities. These activities will name specific Bridges or Thematic Pathways for you to follow and ask you to search out historical evidence to support your particular arguments.

Or you can browse through the Traveler on your own by selecting a Thematic Pathway or Bridge to follow. Pay particular attention to where Thematic Pathways and Bridges cross. These Intersections will allow you to branch off into other related topics and help you discover connection to other perspectives in world history.

Launch the Traveler Interactive »

For a more detailed explanation of the Traveler and a guided tour of its feature, begin by going to Traveler Help.

Please Note: The World History Traveler requires Flash 7 to view. Click here to download.


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