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Part A

Observing Student Connections
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Think about the student work you just observed and reflect on the following questions. Once you've formulated an answer to each question, select "Show Answer" to see our response.

Question: How does this problem provide an opportunity to build connections between graphical and algebraic solutions?

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Sample Answer:
The investigation of the equation 2x = 0 led students to contemplate the meaning of logarithms and the behavior of exponential expressions when considered both algebraically and graphically. Jim related his conclusion of "no solution" to the graph that approached but did not intersect the y-axis.

Question: How does this problem encourage the use of connections among the Process Standards?

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Sample Answer:
The problem is rich and consequently calls on all the Process Standards discussed in this course. For instance, the students use multiple forms of representation and various problem-solving strategies. Jim (and his classmates) uses a form of reasoning involving contradiction that allows him to prove that 2x ≠ 0 when x = -100. The project paper encourages engagement in effective communication by requiring that students pay close attention to how they explain concepts.

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