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Part E

Evaluating Reasoning and Proof
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So, what have you done in this session?

  • In Part A, you started by looking at student work on a problem about triangles inscribed in a semi-circle. This activity called on both inductive and deductive methods, and introduced the idea of proof.
  • In Part B, you investigated and developed informal and formal proofs about triangular and square numbers.
  • In Part C, you developed working definitions of deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, proof by mathematical induction, and also addressed the role of rigor in the high school mathematics classroom.
  • In Part D, your focus was an enveloping functions problem and how a teacher promoted and assessed student skill in reasoning. Throughout this session we saw that reasoning and proof are the backbone of mathematics.
  • In Part E, we've just asked you to make a lesson plan of your own.

But of course, things wouldn't be complete without another, you guessed it, journal. This final journal will mark your completion of the session.

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