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Part E

Evaluating Problem Solving
  Make a Lesson Plan | Summing Up the Session | Final Journal


So what have you done in this session?

  • In Part A, you started by observing students as they solved problems finding types of patterns in the Staircase problem
  • In Part B, you explored the Cuisenaire rod pattern activity using various problem-solving approaches to get a firsthand sense of your problem-solving practice
  • In Part C, we developed a working definition of the problem-solving standard, highlighting some points, techniques, and the role of technology in implementing it.
  • In Part D, you applied your increased awareness of problem-solving strategies to examine a problem in linear programming, and then observed the same problem in a classroom setting.
  • In Part E, you developed your own lesson plan and goals for your classroom.

Now you will have an opportunity to consolidate your thoughts by writing in your journal. This final journal entry will mark your completion of the session.

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