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Part E

Evaluating Communication
  Make a Lesson Plan | Summing Up | Final Journal
"Teaching isn't telling, it's listening. And sometimes you have to sit on your hands and step on your tongue and let the students do it. And, so, I have learned to count to ten, walk away, and then come back and see how they're doing. And I've learned more often than not, the students figure it out on their own."

(Jeanne Shimizu-Yost, Algebra II Teacher)

  Summing up:

So what have we done in this session?

  • In Part A, you started by taking a look at student communication in the Triangles to Rectangles and Triangles to Parallelogram problems. Then we asked you to explore your own communication in the Tiles and Function problem.
  • In Part B, you investigated Tile Patterns and the Telephone Call game.
  • In Part C, we discussed the communication standard in more depth, in specific, effective questioning, and precise language. We also provided some arguments about why this standard has a place in the high school mathematics classroom.
  • In Part D, we asked you to apply your understanding. First, by thinking about a challenging problem that would be appropriate for a semester final. Then we presented video of a teacher presenting this problem and asked for your reflections.
  • In Part E, we've just asked you to make a lesson plan of your own.

But of course, things wouldn't be complete without another, you guessed it, journal. This final journal will mark your completion of the session.

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