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Part D

Applying Communication
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Reflect on each of the following questions about the group test you've seen in Mr. Cabana's class, and select "Show Answer" to see our response.

Question: How does student-to-student communication help or hinder the problem-solving process?

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Our Answer:
As students talk to each other, they realize that they must refine their arguments. Since the teacher already knows how to do the problem, students do not feel they have to convince the teacher that their reasoning is correct. They realize, however, that other students in the group will have to be convinced because their group grade depends on the answer and on their justification of the answer.

Question: How does Mr. Cabana gather information about what each member of a group knows about the problem? How else might you do that? Explain.

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Our Answer:
As groups of students work on the problem, Mr. Cabana walks around the room observing the group interactions. He makes a point of asking each group how they are doing, and asking or answering questions to be sure he knows how the group is approaching the problem.

Question: What does Mr. Cabana do when one person in a group seems to be doing most of the talking? How else might you do that? Explain.

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Our Answer:
As Mr. Cabana works with each group, he can ascertain which students have contributed to the solution process. If one student seems to be doing most of the talking, he makes an effort to ask questions to a different student.

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