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Part C

Defining Connections
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We've just defined the Connections Standard in more detail. Now we'd like you to write about the standard.

Questions to write and reflect about:
  • What are some ways that you could apply geometry to the world outside of the classroom? Make a list of all the ways that you use geometry in one day. For example, you might think of the spatial visualization skills necessary to park your car or fill a grocery cart.
  • Using an area model is one example of how students develop understanding of mathematical concepts by building on connections to previous experiences. For example, students use rectangular arrays to represent multiplication; area models are used to measure the area of figures and can be used to represent probability concepts. What other models can you use to help students develop understanding of more than one mathematical concept? Choose one model, describe it, and write about the concepts with which it can be used.
  • Can you think of three ways that important mathematics could be integrated into other subject areas in the middle grades?
  • Take a page from the newspaper and highlight every numeral or number word on the page. What if those numbers were blacked out? What could you say about the information in the news without numbers? How does this activity reinforce the connection (and relevance) of mathematics to activities outside the classroom?
Three ways to write and reflect:
  • Use pen and paper.
  • Use a word processor.
  • Use the form below.
Be sure to save what you have written before you navigate out of the journal section.


Your work will be displayed in a printer-friendly format to enable you to print.

Thanks for writing in your journal. Please keep your entries in whatever format you choose -- you will find them useful for reference later.

And now, please take a moment to relax, if you haven't already -- or even if you have!

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