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Part E

Evaluating Representation
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So, what have you done in this session?

  • In Part A, you observed representation as a middle school classroom tackled the Building Viewpoints problem.
  • In Part B, you explored your own representations with the Interpreting Stories and Graphs activity.
  • In Part C, you looked at a variety of strategies you can use with your students as the Representation Standard was defined.
  • In Part D, you applied what you had learned in the session so far by solving the Building Rafts with Rods problem, watching students solve it, and thinking about how you would teach it in your own classroom.
  • In Part E, you wrote your own lesson plan as a way to evaluate what you had learned.

You have seen different ways for students to represent their thinking, moving from their own ways to more conventional forms of representation. You have seen the importance of asking students to use various means of representing their ideas and translating between their representations. As students use more sophisticated forms of representation, they are preparing to associate meaning to more abstract mathematical concepts. This happens when students translate the information in a table they have constructed to a linear graph, or when they use dynamic geometry software to explore and test their conjectures about basic geometric principles. Your own understanding of the processes involved in representation will make the difference in how well you can help your students master them.

But of course, we couldn't end this session without another, you guessed it, journal! This final journal is different, however, and will mark your completion of the session.

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